Healed ankle fracture from surgery

When warranted either in an acute or following treatment with conservative means (eg. orthotics, changes in shoe gear) surgery may become an option for addressing a painful foot/ankle. 

Having trained at a four year program at a level 1 trauma center, Dr. Prakash has plenty of experience in handling most surgical cases. During his residency he was trained by orthopedic surgeons as well and has done most orthopedic procedures on top of podiatric surgical cases as well.

Currently Dr. Prakash has privileges at all Swedish Medical facilities, EvergreenHealth, UW - Northwest, and Overlake Hospital. As one who is fortunate to  have received the training he had from his residency, Dr. Prakash has been involved with the Swedish Podiatry residency program as well.  


Pre and Post bunion surgery

Procedure Performed:

1. Lapidus bunionectomy with fixation

2. Akin Osteotomy 

This procedure was chosen given the patient's hypermobility of their first ray

Lapidus bunionectomy with fusion